Zipscreen Awning

There’s never been an easier way to extend your home. Designed and tested in Australia, Zipscreen promises to unlock your home’s hidden potential, without the time-consuming stress and cost of traditional renovations. Enhance your space and create an outdoor haven for true relaxation and comfortable entertainment, hassle-free. From the summer heat to the winter chill, Zipscreen perfectly shields any alfresco, pergola, verandah or balcony, so you can indulge in open-air living, all year round.

The side rails and headbox can be powder coated to any Dulux Duralloy colour. They can also be spring operated, crank operated or motorised.



Custom made ●  High quality  ● Great value

Why are zipscreen awnings superior?


  • Wind tunnel rating of 140km/h*
  • Maximum width of 7m x 4m drop, the largest width available on the market for an awning of this type
  • A zip integrated into the channel to ensure your awning always operates with ease and rolls straight with secured fabric unable to blow out of the channels.
  • 4 week turnaround on average




Wind & Insect Resistant

Privacy without compromising your view

Sun/UV Resistant & Anti-Glare

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