Lotus Vinylcloth

Lotus Vinylcloth

Bulk Price (40+ Metres) $

Lotus folding doors can be made for doorways up to a height of 3m high and almost any width. We can make your door just the way you want it. As a single door, a bi-parting pair or even as a double endpost door, opening both ends.



Lotus Vinylcloth folding doors normally come with a receiving channel into which the door is held closed. As an optional extra you can choose one of three latch/lock systems: Positive Latch, Latch + Privacy Snib or Commercial Latch + Keylock.

Positive Latch - Positive latching, operated from both sides, to prevent the door being pulled open from the jamb channel.

Latch + Privacy Snib - Latch with additional sniblock on one side and emergency release on the other side. Supplied interchangeable left or right hand.

Commercial Latch + Keylock - Two sided cylinder keylock capable of being master keyed if required.


Other optional extras include curved tracks, aluminium pelmets, alternative fabric colour each side (send diagram), bi-parting pair and double endpost (opening both ends).


Max Height (mm) 3000
Max Width (m) 4.5m single door 9.0m bi-parting pair
Panel Thickness (mm)6
Panel Width (mm)8% width + 35mm
Stack Breadth (mm)90
Pelmet Separation (mm)Minimum 90mm
Weight/sqm opening6kg