Lotus Timberline Acoustic

Lotus Timberline Acoustic

An acoustician’s main aim is to control the sound transmission
between rooms to a level where it is no longer distracting even
though some sound may still be audible. The performance of an
acoustic door also depends on the building in which it is installed.

If there is leakage of sound around the outside of the door, for
example over a suspended ceiling, this will limit the perceived
effectiveness of the door.


When proper sound reduction is required, choose Timberline Acoustic Accordion doors with sound ratings up to Rw 38.

Rw33 Mutes normal conversation, suitable for primary schools and small meeting rooms
Rw38 Normal voices unintelligible. Appropriate for meeting rooms, church halls and classrooms

Note: A Rw 23 version of the Timberline folding door is available for situations where a lower acoustic performance is acceptable and budgets are limited.


Module Width (mm) Min 300 Max 600
Max Height (mm) 3000
Max Width 5.0m (single) 10.0m (bi-parting pair)
Stack Back 160mm + No. of Modules x 30mm
Stack Back 160mm + No. of Modules x 30mm
Stack Width 80mm + Width of Module
Weight/sqm opening Rw33=19kg Rw38=21kg
Floor Surface Maximum tolerance +/– 5mm from leve