Series 9000 Monotrack System

Series 9000 Monotrack System

Bulk Price (40+ Metres) $


The Series 9000 can span up to 3 meters. Ceiling or wall mount Track ideal where large spans required between supports

Series 9000 Monotrack and the CT700 Hospital Track - rigid rail, moving rail, shower track, IV equipment and curtain cassettes.
Our Series 9000 tracking is compatible with CT7000, Sylon 9000 and Oslo Series 99 Systems

Curtain Track and Rails Magnetic Suspension System

Magnetic Rail is ideal for all your Hospital tracking needs. Whether your doing a Nursing Home, Hospital, Psychiatric ward or a Gaol. In fact where ever you would normally put up a hospital track or shower rail set, why not try our Magnetic Rail.Think about this- If someone is going to pull down a track wouldn't it be safer, quicker and cheaper to click the track back in place rather than have a fitter and plasterer come back in and re- install the job
This product can be attached to your normal hospital tracking with one screw. We have it available in three weights being 15Kg, 20Kg & now 25Kg and now in two colours being White & Grey to match with the tracks.
As a made to measure item we will be supplying the 20Kg weight as standard.
This system is neat, quick to install and works very well.
So next time you have to install a track that is going into a high risk area why not think about our Magnetic Rail System.
The Magnetic System is used in conjunction with the regular products bracketing.

Side Fix Bracket This side fix bracket has two screw holes to allow you to attach to the wall. The track sits at the bottom of your bracket
Top Fix / Ceiling Bracket This bracket is either screwed to the ceiling or the top of the track.
Metal Washer This washer is available in three different sizes. Each size allows you a different weight. 15Kg, 20kg & 25Kg