Timber and PVC Venetian Blinds

Timber and PVC Venetian Blinds

A cheaper alternative to wood

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General Information

Unique structure will not absorb moisture so it can be placed in areas where wooden blinds are unsuitable such as kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Ideal substitut for natural wood
  • Resists cracking, peeling fading and warping.
  • Timberstyle venetians has been tested to 71 degrees celsius. This is the highest in the industry.


Your Timberstyle blinds are covered by our 24 month warranty.


Pull the cord in a straight up and down movement. Lock off by moving the cord sideways. Do not raise the blind if it is caught on an obstruction. Larger blinds may need added assistance by lifting the bottom rail as you pull it up


Your Cedar blind should be dusted with a soft hair brush regularly. Wiping with a soft damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner using a soft nozzle brush. Individual slats can be cleaned using a dampened cloth. Make sure slats are dried to avoid water marks. Do not use aerosol furniture spray polish on Cedar oil finish blinds. The use of solvent based or concentrated cleaners to clean your blinds will void warranty.


Minimum width 300mm
Maximum width 2700mm
Minimum drop 300mm Headrail - Painted Steel
Maximum drop 3000mm Installation Brackets - Painted Steel