Tru-Steel Louvre Awning

Tru-Steel Louvre Awning

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General Information

Tru-Steel Louvre Awnings are constructed from tough colorbond® steel and are attached to the side of a building. Tru-Steel Awnings economically protect the building from the sun and rain. Depending on the projection of the awning it can be self-supporting or supported with the aid of posts. Uniline Tru-Steel Fixed and Adjustable Louvre Awnings, Colorbond® Awning and Metal Awning are common names for the Decorama Tru Steel Louvre Awning. The Tru Steel awning reduce heat normally transmitted through windows by up to 90%. Tru Steel Awnings keep your home cool in summer and protect windows form rain and storms in winter. The Awning has fixed arms for a practical solution.


Tru-Steel Awnings are supported by our 5 year Consumer Warranty or the 24 Month Commercial Warranty. Contact your nearest distributor for further details. Of course, certain conditions apply.

Product Characteristics

Panel Tru-Steel Awnings use a roll-formed panel with a bull nose front. Each panel is 118mm wide, manufactured from 0.45mm Colorbond® Steel. The substructure is made from rolled or extruded steel components which are powder coated white to match the awning panel underside.
Finish and Trims Tru-Steel Awnings are available in fourteen colours. See Colour Chart These colours can be arranged to suit individual striping requirements.