Canopy, Dutch Hood & Eyelid Awnings

Canopy, Dutch Hood & Eyelid Awnings

Canvas, Fabric CanopyAwnings

Decorama & Fashionline Fabric Awnings feature Insulcoat 2000 awning fabric – Australias only insulated awning fabric. Blocks out harsh Australian sun and insulates against extreme cold and frost.
We manufacture your awnings form a very extensive range of fabrics.

General Information

Fashionline Fabric Awnings
brings to you the elegance of style, protection and cooling so often required. Protect your valuable carpet and curtains from fading and from the worst effects of ultraviolet rays which break down many of the fibres used in them

Fashionline Fabric Awnings will protect valuable furniture from direct and reflected sun damage.
They will save on costs by minimising the need for supplementary heating and cooling. Probably most important of all Fashionline Awnings will reduce total heat load on and in your house.


Being a member of the Fashionline Group gives Decorama national buying power. Being a manufacturer means you can buy a complete range of home improvement products at Factory Direct Prices. We can custom design to solve all your shading problems.

Awning Styles

Dutch Hood and Canopy Awnings - Custom made in a large range of shapes to suit any situation.
Eyelid or Cupola style.