Bahama Aluminum Awnings

Bahama Aluminum Awnings

The Decorama Bahama awning is supplied in a flat pack Kit form – Ready to assemble.

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General Information

Bahama Awnings are an aluminium awning attached to the side of a building. They are recognised by tri-stepped panels which run parallel to the building wall and over a substructure. Bahama Awnings economically protect the building from the sun and rain. Depending on the projection of the awning it can be self-supporting or supported with the aid of posts. Bahama Awnings are ideal for those applications where protection is required with minimal expense.


Bahama Awnings are supported by our 5 year Consumer Warranty or the 24 Month Commercial Warranty. Contact your nearest distributor for further details. Of course, certain conditions apply.

Quality Standard

Hunter Douglas Limited, the supplier of' Bahama Awnings componentry has gained accreditation as a Quality Endorsed Company under ISO9002. Lic. No. QEC 2928.


Panel Bahama Awnings use a roll-formed panel with a three step configuration which incorporates a 5o drop. Each panel is 178mm wide, 8mm high and manufactured from 0.45mm aluminium. The panels are manufactured using corrosion resistant aluminium and painted using the HD COLOR-COTE® process. The substructure is made from rolled or extruded aluminium components which are powder coated white to match the awning panel underside.
Finish and Trims Bahama Awnings are available in over ten colours. These colours can be arranged to suit individual striping requirements.
Awning Slope Bahama Awnings can easily accommodate slopes from 15% up to 45o. The amount of light entering a building is determined by its location, aspect, awning angle and awning drop.
Heat Reflectiveness Independent tests prove that aluminium awnings can be significantly cooler than similar steel structures.