Automatic Fabric Awnings

Automatic Fabric Awnings

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Made to Measure.
Custom made to order so they fit your windows and your budget.

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General Information

Decorama Automatic Awnings are truly a quality Product. . Automatic (Locking Arm) Can be installed at an acute angle where space is limited. Ideal for walkways and garden beds. They operate on fixed guide rods with easy function self locking arms that may roll up in gusty conditions. They are suitable for ground floor or balcony windows.

Measure & Installation Service

We can arrange for a check measure & Install service in most major cities throughout Australia. Please let us know your requirements.

How to Install

How to fit instructions are supplied with the product. We encourage you to take advantage of our check measure and or Installation service.


  • Self locking arms
  • Spring top roller
  • Can be covered with almost any awning fabric


  • Allows infinite adjustment of movement
  • Keeps fabric firm in most weather conditions
  • A colour, texture to suite any situation


Width - (50mm top roller max size 6.5m2, 60mm top roller 10m2) 900mm 4500mm
Drop 600mm 2700mm
Arm size - 300mm Standard - 150mm, 450mm

Product Options

Arm size - 300mm Standard 150mm, 300mm and 450mm
Pull Stick - Extra charge One only usually required per order
Headbox - Extra charge Coloured steel headbox